Egyptian Pyramids and Sphinx

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids have always been a mystery in this world. Egypt is the most beautiful place in the world and it preserves many monuments. Its interesting to see so many beautiful sites at a place which predominantly is a desert. If you visit this place then you will see that there are many pyramids and all those pyramids looks alike and have the same triangular structure. Ancient Egyptian Pyramids are known as the temple of the Egyptian people and they were built under the rule of many kings. There are many facts which still are concealed in these pyramids, and are not known even now. The largest pyramid is King Khufus Great Pyramid in Giza. It also was one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

This pyramid is the tallest, largest and also the oldest pyramid in the world. The length of this pyramid is around 146 meter. To build this pyramid, millions of block shaped lime stones were used which were dragged and lifted by the man. It is a man made structure. Another Ancient Egyptian Pyramids is the King Snefrus bent pyramid. It was built in the rule of this king and was the first pyramid to have steps and it is a bent one who has red stones. These pyramids were used to bury the royal families which are called as burial tomb.

The dead bodies of kings and queens were preserved in these pyramids by wrapping them with stripes of special clothes and putting special medicines all over the dead body, these preserved dead bodies were called Mummy. There are around 138 pyramids discovered in Egypt some are tall while some are short. While exploring this place you can see that some pyramids have been destroyed and some of are still standing. If you are interested in historical sculptures then visiting Egypt and watching Ancient Egyptian Pyramids is something that you must not miss.

The design and architecture has been structured very carefully and technically. The interior pattern in Ancient Egyptian Pyramids is common they have ascending and descending passages which are too narrow. Symbol of this shape represents to be the primordial mound. According to them it is believed that Earth is created by it. The sight is so beautiful that the sun rays reflect to the lime stone which looks like gold shining. It is believed that the stars in the sky revolve that becomes the gate way for heaven for the Egyptians.

Some of the pyramids are located next to each other and some are also in group while others stand alone. The most famous Ancient Egyptian Pyramids are in Sphinx. It is so huge and tall that it covers wide range of area. Even this pyramid is also one of the wonders of the world for the unique structure. The head of the structure is of human being and the body is of lion. They believe this monument as the god of the Egyptians who created this world from animals, human being and satellite. When visiting Egypt, whether you’re from Perth or Fort Worth, do not miss seeing the great pyramids, or the great Sphinx. You can capture this spectacular monument in your camera which will be the most memorable vacation in your life.


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