Easter Island

This island lies in the South Pacific Ocean and it is under the control of Chile. It is also part of the Polynesian Triangle. Easter Island is of great cultural significance to the world because of its 887 monuments known as moai. The Rapa Nui people built these structures in 1250 to 1500 AD. The UN recognized the significance of these monuments by declaring Easter Island a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The UN made this declaration in 1995. The Chilean government also has numerous laws to protect the Island, its inhabitants, and the structures that crisscross it. For example, Chile fined a Finnish tourist $17,000 in 2008 for disfiguring a moai. Unfortunately, many people do not know about the awesome history of Easter Island and its famous statutes. Here are some facts on it.

Why Did They Build These Statutes?

The simple answer is that they did it to honor the memory of the dead. Building it was an expensive endeavor so most of the moai honor chiefs or other prominent people. Those who wanted moai built traded chickens, bananas, sweet potatoes, and mats for the statutes. The bigger a statute was, then the higher the cost would be. It is important to note that big statutes would often come with great prestige, as they would stand out among the rest. Because of this prestige, tribes competed over which one would build the biggest moai. These statutes also had to be picturesque and representative. In fact, each statute had a different appearance and characteristic because it represented a different person. Attention to detail was critical for the tribes that built them.

How Massive Are These Structures?

The moai are monolithic structures carved out of rock. Their weight and height is simply amazing making them a distinct feature of the Easter Island landscape. For example, one of the structures was as tall as 10 meters. That means it would be as tall as a 3-story building. The Rapa Nui people were also building a moai that would be 21 meters tall. The weight of these structures is also amazing. One weighed as much as 82 tons. That means it weighed as much 42 personal cars given that an average car weighs 2 tons.

How Did They Move These Massive Stones?

No one knows how the Rapa Nui people moved these structures. Some claim that timber logs used as rollers where the primary means of transporting the moai from one place to another. Others claim that the Rapa Nui moved the statutes by rocking them from side to side. However, most researchers support the theory of using timber logs to move these massive structures. What is indisputable is the fact that the stones were in an upright position when moved. The basis of this theory is the fact that some statutes lie on their back while others lie on their stomach.

Resources and Rebellion

Radio carbon dating methods indicate that the Rapa Nui, builders of the moai, settled on Easter Island in 1200 AD. By the 1600s, the population reached about 15,000 people, but their success did not last for long. Soon, the people suffered the consequences of deforestation on the island. The island had no more wood to use for fires, tools, or to build canoes. Food became scarce and tribal warfare become inevitable. Each tribe tried to humiliate the other one by toppling its moai. By the time the Europeans arrived in 1722, the island only had about 2000 to 3000 inhabitants.




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Egyptian Pyramids and Sphinx

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids have always been a mystery in this world. Egypt is the most beautiful place in the world and it preserves many monuments. Its interesting to see so many beautiful sites at a place which predominantly is a desert. If you visit this place then you will see that there are many pyramids and all those pyramids looks alike and have the same triangular structure. Ancient Egyptian Pyramids are known as the temple of the Egyptian people and they were built under the rule of many kings. There are many facts which still are concealed in these pyramids, and are not known even now. The largest pyramid is King Khufus Great Pyramid in Giza. It also was one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

This pyramid is the tallest, largest and also the oldest pyramid in the world. The length of this pyramid is around 146 meter. To build this pyramid, millions of block shaped lime stones were used which were dragged and lifted by the man. It is a man made structure. Another Ancient Egyptian Pyramids is the King Snefrus bent pyramid. It was built in the rule of this king and was the first pyramid to have steps and it is a bent one who has red stones. These pyramids were used to bury the royal families which are called as burial tomb.

The dead bodies of kings and queens were preserved in these pyramids by wrapping them with stripes of special clothes and putting special medicines all over the dead body, these preserved dead bodies were called Mummy. There are around 138 pyramids discovered in Egypt some are tall while some are short. While exploring this place you can see that some pyramids have been destroyed and some of are still standing. If you are interested in historical sculptures then visiting Egypt and watching Ancient Egyptian Pyramids is something that you must not miss.

The design and architecture has been structured very carefully and technically. The interior pattern in Ancient Egyptian Pyramids is common they have ascending and descending passages which are too narrow. Symbol of this shape represents to be the primordial mound. According to them it is believed that Earth is created by it. The sight is so beautiful that the sun rays reflect to the lime stone which looks like gold shining. It is believed that the stars in the sky revolve that becomes the gate way for heaven for the Egyptians.

Some of the pyramids are located next to each other and some are also in group while others stand alone. The most famous Ancient Egyptian Pyramids are in Sphinx. It is so huge and tall that it covers wide range of area. Even this pyramid is also one of the wonders of the world for the unique structure. The head of the structure is of human being and the body is of lion. They believe this monument as the god of the Egyptians who created this world from animals, human being and satellite. When visiting Egypt, whether you’re from Perth or Fort Worth, do not miss seeing the great pyramids, or the great Sphinx. You can capture this spectacular monument in your camera which will be the most memorable vacation in your life.


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Chichen Itza

For your trip to be complete when visiting Mexico, a tour of the Chichen Itza is a must. Mexico has lots of tourist destination for anyone looking to relax away from home. You don’t want to spend your vacation on the same beach you were at last summer. If you have been travelling around for some time now, then perhaps scheduling a trip that promises unique sites this summer is viable. And none other than the Chichen Itza tourist attraction will be fitting enough for your budget.


Found in the ancient city of Maya in Mexico, Chichen Itza has continued to draw many tourists to this part of the world every year. You when in the country, you can easily head to Tinum Municipality that is found in the state of Yucatan. This archeological sites dates back to 600AD and has been perceived by many to be a mythical city. It is believed to have expanded its administrative power all over the Northern Yucatan Peninsula between 900AD and 1050AD. It has lots of architectural works something that is attributed the fact that it was a city with diverse cultures. When travelling to this part of the world, there are lots amazing things to see.

Visit the Castillo

Known to be the most famous of all sites at the Chichen Itza, the Castillo a pyramid shaped monument which is said to have been a castle. It goes 30 metres high and is made of stone. On its walls, you will see an amazing series of 9 well-designed terraces approximated to be 2.5 metres high. Upon its summit is a high temple. It is a striking presence considering its age and will leave evoke refreshing emotion in anyone.

Sacred Cenote

Then, no river used to pass through this territory. The sacred Cenote is said to have been the converging zone of all water sources. Amazingly, this site was used for human sacrifices especially in times of drought. Men, women and kids would be thrown in the well-like water mass as sacrifice to a Chach God in the hope of ending drought. The sky view of this place is just amazing. You will love walking on the small paths that surround it.

El Caracol Temple

Another site that would be hard not to visit when here is this ancient temple. It is said to stand along the path of Venus and used as a Proto-observatory place. You will love the historical feeling as you observe the skies from all sides of the temple.

Las Monjas

This will be one of the most remembered sites on your visit. It is basically an attractive complex of Terminal classic building designed to reveal the Puuc architectural style. The snow like building covered old whites and stretched by green forests will be a perfect place for photos.

Casa Colorada

Finally, a visit to Chichen Itza should lead you to this striking building with a date inscribed on it. Written on 869AD, this building is one of the proofs that this really is an ancient city. That’s why it is one of the most preserved buildings in the city. You will get to see lots of other sites in the city that are equally amazing. A visit to this destination will definitely prove that it is one of the seven new world wonders.


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Have you ever seen a spectacular arrangement of ancient structures? Stonehenge is one of them. Not only is the carving of the rocks magnificent, but it also has a rich history that gives it much fame. Tourists and nature lovers come from various regions to see this spectacular monument. Whether you’re a tree removal specialist or a brain surgeon, a child or a grandparent, it will take your breath away. It s hard to imagine the difficult situations the rocks have undergone without being damaged. The rocks have not been affected much by weathering as we would expect them to be. The monument is more than 2000 years old, and it is one of the most famous world heritage sites. In this article, we examine the Stonehenge rock as one of the most famous and spectacular ancient structures.
History of the Stonehenge rock
The Stonehenge stone has a rich history that spans from the Neolithic period (2500 B.C.) when the stone circle that lays its foundation was erected. Earlier features that include the Low Mound and the Heel Stone may have formed the first components of the Stonehenge. The construction of the Stonehenge started with the construction of the circular ditch with an outer and an inner bank in the year 3000 B.C. The circular ditch enclosed an area with a diameter of 100 meters. Inside the banks, there were 56 pits called Aubrey holes. The timber structures were placed within the bank and the ditch. The Aubrey Holes may have held upright timber posts or stones. In the ditch, and within the holes, people buried cremated bodies of their loved ones. Recent evidence shows 64 cremated remains of people. Rough estimates put the number of individuals buried at the Stonehenge at 150. Many burials that took place on the site makes it the largest late Neolithic cemetery in Britain.
Setting of the stones
At the central part of the monument, two types of stones that include the larger sarsens, and the smaller bluestones were set up in the year 2500 B.C. The Sarsens had concentric arrangements while the bluestones were set up between the sarsens to form a double arc. The rearrangement of the central bluestones took place 300 years later to form the inner oval and a circle pattern.
Significance of Stonehenge rock
The Stonehenge rock has great importance as a prehistoric site. Historians visit the site to learn more about prehistory. The monument is also important to archaeologists who visit the site to find out more about archaeology. The Stonehenge monument is also significant because of the complex architecture it has. The monument represents the epitome of the ancient architectural skills. The monument is a world heritage site and hence attracts a considerable number of visitors from different places in the world. History and nature lovers come to the site to see the magnificent monument.
The Stonehenge monument is one of the most famous prehistoric monument in the world. The Stonehenge monument represents some of the best architectural skills in ancient history. In modern times, the monument attracts a significant number of visitors from all over the world. The visitors come for educational purposes and to witness its beauty.


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Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is the home of ancient structures located in Andes Mountain, Peru. The place is best known internationally as a tourist destination. The district capital of machu is called Aguas calientes. This is a small town offering not only accommodation to the tourists but also a recreational center for the travelers in Picchu.

The pick tourist season is July and august. During that season, it is not quite wet. But, it is not dried totally. Hence, you may get the mists clinging and the showers at some stage of your visit.

The architecture of Machu Picchu:

Even tough the place has various ancient structures; the following are some of the outstanding features of the site:

The liturgical fountains

This is a magnificent building which has been rated as the best because of the large number of anthropological studies. This has made the city to be identified as: stair case of fountain or the street of fountains in the fountains, you can also enjoy water pools and tanks.

The section of the city

What is very amazing about the empire is that the architecture works can be appreciated by the large number of ruins which are left over the mountain system. Nevertheless, it has great architectural and indescribable designs. The incredible city is subdivided into a number of sections.

Reasons why you need to visit Machu picchu :

# 1. The amazing view

If you see the pictures, it doesn’t compare to the actuality of the site. Instead, you need to visit the place and you will be glad to have a great tour of the wonderful site in the world.

#2. It has Inca trails

This is another factor which can make you visit Machu Picchu. By camping on the trails, hiking over a long distance and camping on the trails, you will be a position of seeing any other Incan trails on the way.

#3. You will get accessed other sites en route

Among the other ruins, patallacta is one of them which you pass by through the Inca trail. The large site is located in a place near Machu picchu. The structure was built by stepped agricultural terraces which surrounds a hillside which is known to be arising.

#4. You will be an explorer

When you cut through the ancient ruins, forest or crossing deadly ancient bridges, you will not break under the Weight of your steps during the adventure. This will make you to be an explorer.

#5. The mystery

Most of the people have known the scenery to have been built in centuries ago. On the contrary, the individuals were not able to discover the site until 1911. This is a mystery as you will get wonderful things of the past.


The features and the reasons highlighted will enable you to visit Machu picchu. Due to the fact that Machu picchu is recognized as one of the seven wonders of the world, you need to plan for a trip to visit this site. What you need to do is to first read and review the great information on the website. As a result, you will get inspired when you adventure on Machu Picchu.

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